Are You A Freelancer?

master freelancer

Freelance life can be lonely. And it can be tough to get the recognition you deserve. That’s why CreativeMornings and FreshBooks teamed up and launched the Master Freelancer Award. It’s absolutely free to enter, just like every CreativeMornings event.

The winners will officially be able to call themselves Master Freelancers and prove it with a trophy. CreativeMornings will share their work with their global audience in every corner of the Internet. And if you win, you’ll also receive a Bamboo Spark and a free FreshBooks subscription for one year. With all the work you’re getting, you’ll be able to invoice like a boss.

The deadline is June 1st! It takes 10 minutes to enter! Go!

Entries will be reviewed by these lovely judges: Ingrid Fetell Lee (Design Director at IDEO), Josh Hansen (Creative Director, FreshBooks), Liz Danzico (Creative Director, NPR), Mike McDerment (co-founder and CEO, FreshBooks) & myself!

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  1. Self-nominating oneself for “Freelancer of The Year” is comparable to throwing your hat in the ring for class president in grammar school: attendance (in this instance participation) is almost enough to qualify any candidate!

    However, I would offer that what should really substantiate candidacy is versatility in work and great execution.

    A perfect example of that versatility would be the Irvine Company and John Deere website refresh pitches at Digitas.

    Or, the ideation for a photography/image-based Instagram promotion (for Camel) that I was fortunate to collaborate on at Havas.

    I believe that the “I’m Lovn’ it” brand refresh/campaign at Leo Burnett would also qualify.

    Additionally, I believe what really quantifies my Freelancer of The Year nomination is the work that I do to further the field of advertising and design, outside of a traditional 9-5.

    One initiative that I am very proud to have had the pleasure of executing is The Art of Blackness Exhibition.

    The Art of Blackness is an annual group art exhibition that was born out of an over-arching sentiment of lack of equal access to opportunity, support and in some cases a lack of optimism in the African American art and design community. The exhibition allows for a meeting of the minds between African American artists and design professionals and its primary focus is to provide these artists with both an avenue of expression and an introduction to potential patrons and resources.

    Additionally, entry level designers and design hopefuls were given the opportunity to gain valuable experience in branding by helping to craft the 2015 exhibitions promotional efforts.

    Finally, I have lead AIGA Chicago’s diversity initiatives for the last two years as Diversity Lead of their executive board.

  2. Hmmmmmm. Apparently this is not the official entry form….