Tendr – Giving Money in Style


When G and I got married a long time ago, we didn’t want ‘stuff’. We wanted art. We bluntly asked our family and friends to contribute to an ‘art fund’ that would allow us to buy art for our new home. We got checks and cash. It was awkward. But hey, we did end up purchasing beautiful art!

I wish Tendr already existed. Tendr takes the awkwardness out of giving money. Imagine if Paperless Post and Venmo had a baby. Yep, that’s Tendr. Have an occasion you’re raising money for and asking family and friends to contribute? Use Tendr. Really good people behind this service!

My favorite part is that every time you use their service, send a beautifully designed card to send someone money, the artist that designed the card gets a generous cut of the service fee. Just like Tattly, Tendr believes in supporting artists. YES!

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  1. When so much money’s at stake, I think it’s sensible and reasonable to ensure it’s put to good use. Why end up with piles of potential clutter when you could have something useful or beautiful? I wish Tendr existed when I got married.

  2. For a lover of art and great design, this art hanging system by Absolut Art would really appeal to you.

  3. I love the concept behind Tendr and it really makes giving less awkward if you think about it. Thanks for sharing this awesome and useful website.