Things I Didn’t Buy

Things I didn't Buy

I recently started keeping a list of “Things I Didn’t Buy“. It’s refreshing to look back at it and realize how much money I saved and how many of these items would have just become “stuff” in a very short time. Marie Kondo-ing my life last year was one of the best things I have done in a long time and it keeps having a positive effect on my life (and finances). If you are not familiar with her book “The life-changing magic of tiding up“, look it up. But be warned, you might start talking to your socks.

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  1. I fold all my socks now…feel so lame but it actually works! ;)

  2. I was totally into this after reading your post, until I scrolled further and saw that blanket and espresso maker. Argh!

  3. cmon ya gotta have bluetooth headphones