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These days it’s easy to be pessimistic or even cynical about the tech world. Too often, we hear about irresponsible leadership, unethical practices, or frivolous business ideas – all with the sole aim of making a quick buck or creating the next ‘unicorn’.

Offscreen Magazine is here to remind you of what’s good about tech.

Published three times per year in print only, Offscreen exists to break through the buzzwords and remind us of technology’s ultimate purpose: to advance humanity. We celebrate innovation through human stories and conversations. We seek to promote a tech community guided by ethical, sustainable, inclusive principles. We ask critical questions about how we shape technology and how technology shapes us.

Take a break from your screen, enjoy a high-quality read, and support independent publishing. Use the code SWISSMISS during checkout for a 10% discount on single issues. (Expires January 31st)

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