The Lewis Model of Cultures

Wow, the The Lewis Model of Cultures is fascinating. Found via Bailey.

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  1. I hate it. I thought it was supposed to be a more social kind of approach, but it’s just some steriotypied non-sense.

    It feels like that kind of saying like “woman are not good at math”.

    I really despise it and I usually love the things you share here.

  2. This diagram raises all kinds of flags for me, especially given the tone of this week’s discussions in the US regarding immigration. (Particularly the triangular graphic included here… the link you provided thankfully includes a triangular diagram that at least doesn’t lump all of SSA and “Arab Countries” while listing other countries individually.)

    I do really appreciate your posts and have followed along for years, thank you for all that you share.

  3. Interesting, but kind of annoying that Sub-Saharan Africa is all lumped together while most other countries are named individually.

  4. perhaps this was more accurate describing a pre-instantaneous-communication world!