Link Pack

Legend (A Portrait of Bob Marley) (via)

Am I Eating too Much Cheese?

Interesting logos are being replaced with boring ones (via Chris)

The capital of kindness

I have nothing to say.

– The name of this lemon squeezer made me laugh: Juice Bruce.

– I really appreciate The Wirecutter

– I spent a long time looking up books mentioned in response to this Tweet.

– Want to Reduce Your Screen Time? Try This Simple Trick

Lessons people learn to late in life. Keep coming back to this.

– Yum. Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric

– Wow! Astrogeografie is a thing? I had no idea.

– I love my Pilea. And now, having seen this, I have goals. Also, this one.

A California Type Foundry Is Keeping Vintage Printing Alive (via Chris)

– These hanging planters!

– These Wool Slippers!

A Short History of Love


– My daughter and I love this meatball recipe from Tasty. (We just ignore the tomato sauce part!)

– Come work with me, Tattly is hiring a Graphic Designer and a part-time photographer.

– Did you know CreativeMornings has a global job board.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.