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Designing women. Exploring the impact of women in design. (via)

Feeling of the month club. (via)

– So many features of fine humans. Maira Kalman being one of them. Dive in here.

This dog house!!

– This three-legged stool is beautiful. (And pricey!)

A list of “ethical tech companies” (Companies pursuing sustainability instead of growth, and putting people above profit.)

Selfless Portraits is a collaborative art project where strangers across the world draw each other’s Facebook profile pics.

– This is an interesting thread: “What do people do for stress relief that is not drinking or smoking that is relatively inexpensive and not running?

– Adobe launched a new drawing app, called Fresco. It looks INCREDIBLE.

– I enjoy these recent DO Books: DO SING, DO DEATH, DO INHABIT

– “Restoration of the Earth’s forests is the world’s most effective solution to climate change available today and has the potential to capture two thirds of man-made carbon emissions.” The global tree restoration potential

Parenting, visually explained.

– Wow. This Bananatex Backpack is super cool.

How Does Impeachment Work?

– I love this jewelry brand, called Automic Gold. I have this ring and absolutely love it.

We’re Taking More Photos Than Ever—but Do We Still Treasure Them?

Why Some People Become Lifelong Readers

– Of course I want a bouncy egg.

– Tiny real tattoos are super trendy. Want to give it a try without committing? Try Tiny Tattly!

– A big thank you to Peculiar Prompts for sponsoring my blog this week.