♥ / Unlock Your Leadership Potential Through Design

A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

When we think of design, we often associate it with commercial endeavors: a company logo, a product, a website, or even a building’s layout. But design can also be used as a powerful tool for bringing about forces of change in organizations and in society at large. As the definition of design expands to encompass new human-centered strategies for problem-solving, “design thinking” has become an in-demand skill for thriving in today’s global economy.

With the Design Leadership for Business Certificate offered by Parsons at Open Campus, you can lead innovation in your organization and implement creative strategies, all in the context of design. In this five-course online program, you will:

– Gain actionable insights to apply design thinking to your own professional field or discipline
– Benefit from mentorship and direction from instructors who are strategists, entrepreneurs, and design thinkers with years of experience working across industries, from consulting to technology
– Develop the forecasting skills to simulate and strategically plan for the future
– Acquire interview and observation techniques that guide the design thinking process
– Undertake hands-on projects to prototype solutions that will yield real outcomes you can utilize right away

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