Always Coming Back To This One

My favorite. Of all time.

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  1. Yes, definatly his best work, I love his Hymms and Spheres works on the Church organ too. Searched long time something similar to him and found it in Nils Frahm the first part with the toilet brushes seems a bit odd, but the following “more” always gives me goosebumps. Spaces is definatley his best album so far. Nils is more into the Neo-classic corner then Jazz but I think Keith wasn’t pure Jazz either… something in between (I love Music that is complex and does not fit into one genre “drawer”)

  2. So you know the back story to this? An intern at the music venue forgot to get the piano. The replacement piano was in bad shape – out of tune and the strikers’ felt was mostly worn off. Jarrett had to pound fiercely on the keys to get any volume and even avoid a few broken keys. The impossible makings of the world’s most famous jazz concert.

  3. Check out Tim Hartford’s brilliant book Messy. It has a whole chapter on Jarrett at Koln.