♥ / Master UX/UI Design Without Leaving Home

A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

Human behavior is an incredible phenomenon, and now you have the opportunity to build web experiences and digital products revolving around that. Parsons Open Campus, The New School’s home for continuing and professional education, offers an array of 100% online certificate programs to help you acquire skills that are in greater demand than ever before, including a certificate in User-Centered Design (UX/UI).

In this online program, you will:

– Become familiar with the UX design process, which begins with research and discovery and moves to concept and strategy brainstorming, then to prototyping, and finally to user testing
– Apply principles of human-centered design to increase users’ satisfaction and encourage interaction with systems, services, or products
– Learn how to design effective usability tests and conduct research surveys to gain the input and insights needed for successful product development
– Prototype software products (apps or websites), services, or physical products
– Build a portfolio to share with potential employers and clients

The program kicks off in June. Registration just began! Get started now.

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