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– Tips that actually help with Zoom and video call fatigue. (via)

DusenDusen makes bedding? Take all my money!

Hide-a-Mask: On-Demand Face Mask That Pops Out of a Baseball Cap

– “”When you work remotely, mentorship is stifled because there is no learning via osmosis. … When you’re young, you don’t need “focus” or to “get things done.” You need exposure to new ideas and people. You need the serendipitous fortune of sitting in on the right meeting, attending the right happy hour, or earning the respect of the right observer. All of the above is more difficult in a remote environment.” Our remote work future is going to suck (via)

Tired of being a bird?

Cats Versus Dogs, And Change

Share the best advice you’ve ever received. (via)

– Good read: You can hire better. (via)

This instagram post wins the internet. Full of happy.

So much respect for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Arms for your chickens. OMG!

Help stop Fascism, by Albert Wenger

Rethink: A BBC podcast series with lots of great thinkers offering their perspective on how the world should change after the pandemic. (via)

I feel this dog.

– This time we are in has taught me one thing: I need to be kind to myself. This Tattly is a daily reminder.

– CreativeMornings has a job board. Did you know? Cool job alert: Design Milk is hiring two positions.

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