Link Pack

This is fascinating.

– There’s a serious shortage of poll workers for this year’s US presidential election. You can volunteer to be one! Learn more here.

– This headline would have made no sense a year ago. Now, with two kids remote schooling, it made me click not he link: Let Your Kids Bike in Place While They Zoom

How to change your default Mail app in iOS 14

These carved tree leaves are stunning.

– The cakes on this website put the biggest smile on my face. (via)

This Chrome/Firefox extension adds helpful features to your Twitter web experience: stay on the chronological timeline forever, move Retweets to a separate timeline, remove sidebar content (Trends, Who to Follow), and a lot more. My Twitter experiences just got way better. (Thanks Kai)

– This documentary over on Netflix is pretty amazing: My Octopus Teacher is the story of a filmmaker who forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest.

– Shahed Khan built a tool that allows you to quickly share your calendar availability inside of Gmail.

– This arch table made me look.

This Mouse Rubber Boat made me chuckle.

Wally aims to help its customers shop for everything in reusable packaging. You pay a deposit on the containers and return them with your next order. I want them to succeed.

Halloween Zip Line for Social Distancing . Or what about a Candy Shute?

– I love how Kottke shares in this post how he was able to flip the narrative in his head about how he sees and approaches winter season. I keep reminding myself all the time that it is in *my* power how I feel, at all times.

– Uhm… yes, I would love to own this vacuum jug by Eva Solo.

Mushrooms are having a moment.

Planter beauty.

– This is an oddly soothing time-lapse: Broccoli sprouts growing in a jar

A cat scratcher rainbow? Uhm, yeah, that’s funny.

– I like this simple phone sling by OAD

How to make elephant toothpaste with your kids. But before, show them this to get them anxcited.

– Hopeful read: How New Yorkers Found Resolve After 6 Months of Pandemic Hardship

Tattly teamed up with I am a voter to increase voter turn out in this year’s presidential election. I just became a citizen this fall and am wearing the I AM A VOTER Tattly with a lot of pride.