Hat for Freezing Weather

I had a similar, less design-y hat like this growing up in the Swiss country side. Given that it is -14F (with windchills that make it feel like -24F) in upstate NY right now, I’d love me one of these.

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  1. In Switzerland, we called them Roger-Staub-Kappen.

  2. I gave Verloop products to a few people this Christmas, and they were big hits. The fact that they use leftover yarn to reduce waste is such a smart policy.

  3. I have one of this.

  4. I wanted a snood! I did. But I wrote the company as I couldn’t figure out from their story if everything they made was from deadstock. They answered truthfully that it is not. Only the section specifically listed (no snood for me!). And to their credit, they also answered my question about the dyes they used (an awful source of pollution and water contamination). They said they need to look more into using non chemical dyes but that is what they use currently. It’s a no for me.