I have recently started using Notion. It’s no exaggeration when I say it’s life changing. For the first time I ever I feel like I have one place to organize my life and work in a simple and intuitive way. Love falling down rabbit holes on YouTube of people sharing their own personal way of using Notion.

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  1. I’m just getting started with it too! Would love to know any other favorite resources/templates that you’ve found helpful so far.

  2. No. The first feature they mention is “super cute”. I’m done right there.

  3. Hi!

    This seems like an interesting organization tool!

    I think the link to Notion in the text below the video is broken. When you hover over it the URL is just “-” which takes you to: “http://-/”


  4. Yes I LOVE notion so much!

  5. Same, it’s helped me so much! I made a template of my personal setup

  6. Oh My God. Notion is the BEST. I have been running my life and Business out of it for a couple of years. From Project Scopes to meal planning to Goals.

    Not sure if this interests you but I made a habit tracker and journal that you can download for free. Habit tracking has changed my game. Yours if you want it at:

  7. Wow! Now I would LOVE to see how you have set yours up!