How do You Read Your Newsletters?

I get way too much email. Reading newsletters in my inbox has never been the right context for me to actually enjoy content I am subscribing to. Looks like I am not the only one who is struggling with a workflow that makes sense for consuming newsletters. (Dennis’ Crowley’s Tweet above) I am asking you, my readers, how do you make sure you actually get to the newsletters you subscribed to? My biggest hack is that I have a bookmark folder with all my favorite newsletter landing pages and then I read them like a blog!

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  1. A few years ago I started using a service called Stoop for this. It does mean you need to subscribe to the newsletters with an address on their domain—but then you can use their web app or mobile apps to actually organize and read them, all in one place. I’ve found it to be a much nicer reading experience than just emails mixed in with the rest.

  2. Gmail User: applying a blue “star” and using “multiple inboxes” to show them outside of the inbox. Then once or twice a week I am going through those emails. Also deleting read newsletter instead of just archiving them.

  3. Feedbin is the best.

  4. my hack is to subscribe to lots, filter them into a special “newsletters” folder, but never actually read them unless I’m desperately procrastinating or doing some other important thing in my email when my eye happens to alight on an interesting one in the “all mail” gmail view. Not sure this is the helpful answer you were seeking.

  5. I put the RSS feed into Inoreader

  6. I use to subscribe and then read them in my feed reader.

  7. I load up my RSS feed in the morning (Reeder 4, since you can cache images, everyone still waiting on 5 caching functionality) before I get on the train. And then on my way home I read my newsletters through gmail. Certainly not the best but any article I want more of, I click the link so that when I get home, Chrome has those articles waiting for me in a new tab.

    I never thought about putting them into Reeder though…going to have to try that!

  8. I’ve tried a variety of methods for reading newsletters, but I’m currently loving a new one: Reader by (The original service from Readwise, for collecting highlights from ebooks and emailing you a random selection from your collection every few days, is also delightful!)

  9. I use for my email and then filter the emails that are coming from a newsletter. It shows them in a RSS style. Then if I feel like I’m getting too many of them, I unsubscribe.

  10. I read my newsletters through Feedly RSS reader. Feedly easily creates a disposable email address for each newsletter which you can use directly, but I prefer having newsletters sent to my Gmail and then creating a filter which forwards each newsletter to its disposable Feedly address while saving a copy, marked read, in my Gmail newsletter folder so that I can use Gmail’s search capabilities to find things in old newsletters.

  11. I try to use Feedly RSS for any newsletters that have them (like yours – I got it in feedly this morning.

    For everything else, I use Gmail categories (forums, notifications, promotions, social). I “filter messages like this” then “omit inbox” and “assign to category: ”

    When I check each category, I select the whole list and uncheck what I actually want to read by subject line then delete and read. I delete as I go so they disappear from the list (or remove the category if I want to save it.)

  12. I feed RSS into NetNewsWire and create folders for newsletters so that I don’t get overwhelmed.

  13. I create email forwarding rules to send newsletters to my email address. NewsBlur then shows the newsletters as a feed like the rest of my RSS or Atom feeds.

    This post about the newsletter functionality is old, but the experience is basically the same:

  14. RSS feed via feedly, sorted into thematical folders.

  15. How about listening to your newsletter?

    AudioOne FYI gives you just that, an audio first experience with your favorite news, blogs and podcasts in up to 3 personal audio newsletters a day.

    Check out one I received based on my interest today.

  16. + 1 for using iOS app STOOP. good reader, sorts newsletters into folders by sender. as i didnt wan‘t to change all existing subscriptions i am not using the mail-address stoop is providing to subscribe. instead i filter my mail and forward them to stoop while keeping a copy in a mailfolder for later search. stoop app could need some upgrade, but basics work just fine. — current status: 2600 unread newsletters.

  17. +1 for Reader from Readwise. I like how it supports triaging all the incoming information (from the Feed) and then has secondary buckets (Inbox, Later) for focused reading. I also like how I can click a link from a source and add that page directly into the Inbox. With apps that are RSS or Email readers, I have this feeling that I need to read all the links of interest right away (or open tabs so I don’t forget). Reader helps fight that feeling of burden / tab clutter.

  18. I add the newsletter “archive” pages to Feedly, and new posts show up in Feedly automatically.

  19. I subscribe to everything with [email protected] and have a rule to file those all into a Newsletters folder. Then, I check it once a week.