Life as a Creative Act

I am EXCITED for this Friday’s CreativeMornings/NYC, happening on September 22nd at 8:30am. (Fun fact: It will be the largest CreativeMornings in history, hosted at the stunning 1026 seat City Tech Auditorium in Downtown Brooklyn.)

Keith Yamashita and Deb Bubb will take us on an immersive journey, celebrating creativity. Just like me, they see creativity as a birth right, a life skill. You can join us IRL by signing up, or tune in via Livestream. Oh, and as always, the event is free.

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  1. I’m not sure how to put this – the images of Keith Yamashita and Deb Bubb both look AI generated. They are great photos, and I understand why they chose them (as well as hair, makeup, outfit) to represent themselves in this context. However, there’s something uncanny-valley about the editing. Is this just me?