Friday Link Pack

Loriot, one of my favorite German Comedians from back when I was a kid.

- Do you live in NYC? Make sure to stop at the 4th Annual Epic DUMBO Stoop Sale in the “Bridgehole”, this saturday from 11am-5pm

- A teeny tiny firetruck

- Watch the video on this page to see where in Switzerland I am from: The Appenzellerland Region is stunning. (Thank you sis)

- Seth Godin’s Long Lost Broken Speech.

- RSS-to-Email Overview for Bloggers

- CNN Money is looking to hire an Interactive Designer

- I simply love Melissa Easton, she even manages to turn a visit to Home Depot into a visual firework.

- Paperback Swap is your source for swapping and buying books online

- If I had a small dog, I would buy this Dog Pillow.

- Beach Season!

- 10 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Backyard Fun

- This Sweet Talker is quite an adorable Sugar Dispenser

- I simply love Picplum’s photo printing service. This means, I get prints of my favorite photos and my family in Switzerland does as well. Best $ spent.

- Teeny Tiny Luxury Home On Wheels

- The Crazy Swiss: They’re moving a 6,200 tonne building 60 metres. No joke.

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  1. Wassauren and Ebenalp are close to my heart and it was really nice to be able to ‘visit’ them this morning. I have seen Seealpsea from high above but never realized how pretty it was from close up.

    Thanks–I needed this on a (rainy) Monday morning!

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