Friday Link Pack

Stylish Bicycle Accessories for ladies.

– This week felt a lot like this.

– Musical Chairs, choosing the right seat.

Throw Out Your Resume.

– For my German speaking readers: Der Spiegel Online wrote about my desk swap project.

– Refreshingly different: Diablo Toilet Roll Holder

– Really enjoyed this New York Times video piece: Navigating the Supermarket Aisles

Pretty Cables. Yes! (via)

Business or Pleasure? Try Both. Professional Conferences Double as Vacation Venues

How to Transform Your Email into a Productivity Tool, by Jason Womack

A creative commons flow chart.

It’s a desk. It’s a bed. It made me look.

– In Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, MO, they just throw your bread to you from across the restaurant.

– Photos of White Men Wearing Google Glass

USA TODAY did a feature on DUMBO, my office neighborhood.

– 9 of the Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World

Don’t Go Back to School: A Handbook for Learning Anything by my studio mate Kio Stark is now available on Amazon.

The History of Typography, an animated Short (via)

Wanted: 25 special customers.

– Tattly is looking to hire a Community Manager and a Summer Design Intern.

Clip Folding Table. Yes.

– Research confirms that, counterintuitively, relaxing makes you more productive.

– Team Behance is introducing the first 99U book: “Manage Your Day-to-Day

– All kinds of touching: Steve Harvey meets the Florida couple that helped him before he became famous and successful

Apple’s “All-Time Top Apps

“Anyone can complain, but people who provide solutions make a difference.” Barrett Garese

– Animated GIFs, I love you: Popcorn bomb.

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  1. You know I’m 100% behind throwing out resumes!

  2. “White Men wearing Google Glasses” link isn’t correct, begins with “hhttp”.

  3. The link for “Research confirms that, counterintuitively, relaxing makes you more productive.” is wrong / missing.

    href=”Research confirms that, counterintuitively, relaxing makes you more productive.” does not work :-)

  4. @Sebastian, @Bernd, my apologies and thank you for pointing out the mistakes. Fixed!

  5. Actual lol at the roll throwing.

    I ordered the Tattly “everything” set for my upcoming wedding as a surprise/quirky wedding favor, and I was so happy with the quick delivery & huge variety of temporary tattoos. I think I’ll be sporting the “haters gonna hate” tattoo, since all my relatives think my unconventional wedding is going to be a disaster. Thank you, Tina & Tattly team, for the fabulous customer service/creative designs.

  6. I bought the “pretty cables” when they were featured on fab and the quality is horrible. They fell apart after one month. To bad.

  7. OMG I’ve completly forgot Scacciapensieri !
    I remember watching it when I was a kid….
    Thank you so much for “ce petit souvenir de la TSR” !

  8. Excellent blog post. I definitely love this site. Thanks!

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