Link Pack

Radiolab, one of my favorite podcasts.

- Hot Dog Legs. Made me laugh.

- Geometry Daily, the amazing blog now offers t-shirts.

- Astronaut Bedding. It doesn’t get better than this.

- Bike to Office Bag. Great gift for a biking dude.

- Wait, what? That clutch is a Bluetooth speaker? Yeah, ladies!

- Vintage guide to the Internet. Wow.

- On Bloomberg the other day there was a fascinating article pointing out that, not only was the idea of moving people via pneumatic tubes previously conceived of in the 19th century, one guy in New York actually built a working prototype of such a system in 1867 that moved thousands of people between Murray and Warren streets downtown, during the Boss Tweed era! Read the article.

- The guys at the Dust Panda booth at the NYNOW show made me chuckle. Adorable.

- Knitted Helvetica “Hi” Baby Blanket.

- When was the last time you did something powerfully meaningless?

- Couldn’t help but chuckle seeing this: Virtually Hike Through the Swiss Alps While Exercising With This App (thanks Joanna)

- My friend Blake of Matchstic in Atlanta is looking to hire an Art Director. Good people!

- Mens Pants embroidered with Hot Dogs and Burgers. No Joke.

- Waffles on skewers. Yes!

- Brooklyn Pizza Plates. Yay!

- The Making of a Steinway (via)

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  1. thanks for the link love! and yes, waffles on skewers – how awesome!

  2. Thanks so much for including my Helvetica “Hi” blanket!! Wow.

  3. Appreciate the link to my piece on the power of meaninglessness! You’ve brought a lot of yay! to my day :)

  4. RE: Steinway – have you seen this doc:

    Amazing. Available on Netflix streaming. Don’t miss it.

  5. Thank you, Tina, for sharing Jad and Robert *in person* with me. I am a HUGE Radiolab fan, but believe it or not, I have never seen a picture of either of them. I think I was subconsciously trying *not* to change my “picture” of them in my head. Loved, loved the little documentary!

  6. Thanx Tina, great package, as always.
    the best for me this time: Radiolab!
    What a find!!!

  7. Yes! Finally someone writes about steinway pianos.

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