my favorite book

Fairestfowl“The Fairest Fowl / Portraits of Championship Chickens” (by Tamara Staples) is BY FAR my favorite book ever. Every time I pull it out it puts a smile and look of astonishment on my face. Make sure to check it out, next time you’re in a bookstore. So much fun to be had with it! (Back in my single days, I would play the game of: Which of these chicken would I go on a date with?! Trust me, once you see the pictures, you’ll see the humour in it.)

Yes, I have an obsession for chickens.

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  1. Tina’s chicken book has inspired me greatly in both my work and my life. And particularly in my blogging.

    It has the added bonus of making me think of Tina whenever I see a chicken.

    And I mean that in a good way.

  2. The Cover is totally weird