train evacuation

I was being evacuated from a Long Island Train last night. It would not have been all that bad, wouldn’t it have been so *incredibly* hot. The train I was on, stalled about 2minutes before Hicksville (my destination). The AC went off and the fun started.

2hours, and a crew of engineers unsuccessfully trying to fix the train later, we were being evacuated through another train that pulled up right next to us. So we had to walk through the whole length of our train to then walk over thin boards to get onto the ‘rescue train’, which was, due to rush hour, packed already. We had to then walk all the way back in the ‘rescue train’ and line up in the middle, standing.

I have NEVER in my life been so hot. Gary, who was waiting for me at Hicksville station, kept me entertained with SMS messages. Also, the best groomeroni that he is, he ran to 7/11 and got me a cold beer. After 2h and 15minutes of standing and cooking in the sun, we made it into Hicksville station. Gary couldn’t keep from taking a picture of me, I was done! (like a chicken is done after 2 hours of cooking in the oven)

The amusing part of it all was to see people’s way of dealing with the whole situation. I was cracking jokes and taking pictures (of course), trying to make the best of it. Some others though had small breakdowns and used the F*** word a lot. Fortunately, I was surrounded by people with a good sense of humour, and deodorant.

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  1. Oh my god. I can’t believe your destination was “Hicksville.”
    That may be the funniest, most paradoxical thing you’ve ever said.