migros gone soft?

Migros is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Switzerland. Well, Migros is more than a Supermarket, as they own schools, banks, gas stations etc. While traveling through Switzerland last week, I’ve noticed that their logo has undergone a ‘soft redesign’… They softened the edges of the Helvetica font, or wait, no, it’s a new font altogether? Hmmm… Anyone know the name of it? Is it an ‘updated version’ of Helvetica? Who did the ‘redesign’, anyone know?





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  1. I have no idea what the font is, but I think the new one looks much better than the old one. I have been urged (by my Swiss girlfriend) to like the Migros better than the Coop, but I think that as far as corporate design is concerned, the Coop is much nicer. New the Migros logo is a good step in that direction, though. :)

  2. According to “what the font?” it’s very similar to Freight or Humanist.

  3. Guten morgen,

    Bitte, ich mochte Migros Supermarket telephone numore und deises Kontakts.


    Menna taher