moleskine + flickr = new friends

Moleskine notebooks are an endless source of fascination for me. I have seen some which were real pieces of art. One sketchbook I keep going back to is Raylene Gorum’s on Flickr. I fell in love with some of Raylene’s sketches and simply asked her if she would consider selling/trading a print. (This one is my absolute favorite). She said yes (YAY!) and so we met up for lunch yesterday, to do the trade, and meet the person behind those pictures/drawings I’ve been following for quite some time. Yay to the wwww and Flickr, cause Raylene is one delightful, talented mamacita. Check out her portfolio consisting of interior design/product design/lighting pieces etc. I am especially impressed by her nifty chess set design called Chesstryoshka“.

Web_64And here’s, another interesting Moleskine sketchbook link: “My Moleskine Exhibition 2005 Japan”

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  1. I had never seen that whole Japanese exhibit. Thanks for posting the link to it. I love seeing what other people are doing with their M’s. Karen