chocolate flavored cheese

Cheese_280705_2321Oh no, this is a crime. My swiss cheese heart is bleeding: Processed cheese slices with a chocolate flavor – popular in Asia.

Chesdale chocolate cheese slices have captured 10% of the cheese market in Taiwan just six months after the product’s release…
…The plastic-wrapped brown-coloured slices were winning converts to dairy products in a market where cheese is traditionally shunned, Fonterra Brands Taiwan’s managing director Roger Boyd said.

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  1. I live in Taiwan and have never seen this cheese that has “10% of the cheese market”. I wouldn’t be surprised as there are all kinds of different flavoured milk popular here.

  2. I’ve seen it once in one supermarket, not too long ago, I guess. It’s fairly new in Singapore, so I couldn’t say it’s popular here. but I’ll give it a try.