hmtl newsletters best practices


Anyone have some good links regarding best practices for HMTL Newsletters? I’ve been put on an exciting e-newsletter redesign project and just started my research. Know some good links to e-newsletter resources/best practices sites? Have you just recently provided a company with a template/system/workflow for e-newsletters and have some insights you’d like to share? If you don’t feel comfortable posting information as a comment, you can also email me directly.

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  1. Back a month ago I found this comercial site, they provide the email marketing service, but besides that and the best of all it’s the gallery of examples of newsletters and good practices
    Saludos (Cheers!)

  2. Campaign Monitor is a good resource, as are the folks over at Emma. Not as much content, but do some snooping. Their customer support is really helpful.

    MailChimp also has a Help Center and free templates.

  3. Here’s one I like (I’d forward it but I’m sure it’d break):

  4. Thanks everyone! Much appreciated!