keeping pet chickens

7b4_1_sMy ‘longdistance roomate’ BB knows me well. She sent me the following link, knowing it would instantly put a smile on my face: Keeping pet chickens.

When fresh eggs are needed for the kitchen, what could be better than going out to the back yard and collecting them, courtesy of home-bred chickens? Food simply doesn’t come any fresher, and the good news is that keeping two or three chickens is quite easy. They don’t require farmland or much special equipment, and today’s modern chicken houses are designed so that anyone with even a little backyard space can keep chickens. The authors of this enlightening new book offer essential advice, provide the basic, easy-to-follow chicken-raising facts, and present their information in clear jargon-free text. Keeping Pet Chickens is arranged as a series of clearly-captioned pictorial spreads, each of which focuses on a particular topic of importance to chicken owners. Topics covered include pure breeds and hybrid chicken varieties, maintaining daily routines, catching and handling hens, keeping chickens in good health, and much more. Sidebars on every two-page spread present additional information and fascinating facts about chickens and chicken raising. Approximately 100 color photos.

This is definitely going to make it on my Amazon wishlist. While I am indulging in my chicken obsession, make sure to check out my all time favorite book that I’ve mentioned here before.