swiss made : a bell for ursli

Image_calculate3phpA classic children’s book from Alois Carigiet and Selina Chönz in English (The title is also available in French and German) Schellenursli is the book almost all children in Switzerland know.

Available at for CHF 29.80 (approx $23)

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  1. thank you for that post swissmiss, it made me travel some years back enjoying what I still remember of Schellenursli, Flurina, Der grosse Schnee, Maurus und Madleina and Zottel, Zick und Zwerg. Gosh, I loved them all very much :)!

  2. wow! thats a blast from a past. I used to love this book when growing up.
    Good gift idea for my american nephew and niece.
    Thanks bringing it back to memory.