Qu’est-ce qu’un grand Homme ?

Wow! This giant biodegradable fresco on grass by Saype is breathtaking.

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Swiss Cat Ladders

A book about the art of Swiss Cat Ladders. Love this so much.

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FREITAG Travel Bag

Whenever I think I can’t possibly love FREITAG more than I already do, they come out with a new, innovative bag, like Zeppelin, their first inflatable travel bag on wheels. The fact that it folds down when not in use gets my two thumbs up! And, of course, that each one of them is unique, as they are made out of recycled truck tarp. So much YES!

Meet Kowalski!

For a little over a month now I have been using my new Kowalski bag by FREITAG and I have grown to absolutely LOVE it! It’s made out of super durable truck tarp and weatherproof. It’s a backpack but a stylish one. Numerous folks have stopped me and asked about it. Kowalski gets two thumbs up!

My love for FREITAG bags is a deep one. They last forever, are Swiss made and are simply super cool.

FREITAG Backpack | F251 Kowalski

I just realized that I have owned FREITAG bags for a good 20 years now. Wow! And, interestingly enough, my love for the brand is stronger than ever. Running a product company myself, I understand how hard it is to reinvent yourself and keep pushing. The FREITAG brothers are sure doing a good job at it. Definitely on my list of founders I admire.

During my recent trip to Switzerland I noticed my friend’s FREITAG backpack called F251 Kowalski. The design is minimal, yet practical. FREITAG bags are basically indestructible, one of a kind pieces, made out of truck tarp and best of all, waterproof. Definitely added this one to my wishlist.

Bern Hyperlapsed

Bern Hyperlapsed is a short and incredibly beautiful portrait of Switzerland’s Capitol, Bern. It merges a view on traditional sights with the novel visual impression allowed by hyperlapse photography. The film consists of around 3500 single pictures, mainly taken between December 2013 and March 2014.

Congrats to Marcel Rolli, of Studium Punctum.

Freitag Tough Business Bags

F301 Freitag

In this wonderfully absurd product video Freitag introduces their F301 Moss and F302 Roy tough Business Bags. Definitely made me smile.

As if that wasn’t enough, this takes product videos to a whole new level:

Nothing beats the durability of a Freitag bag. I own 4 and one of them is 14 (!) years old and still going strong. And I will now add the F302 ROY on my wish list for santa this year.

Swiss Poster Collection

Swiss Poster Collection

Schweizer Plakate is a growing online gallery of Swiss Posters. Sort by type, stile or color. Wonderful!

(Thank you Martin)

Homework Table

homework table

Homework is an interesting table design by Swiss Tomas Kral. The aluminum surface extension seems quite practical for storing books you’re working with or displaying documents you need to reference.

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Yay! SIGG!

Photo by Julia Robbs.

Part of my latest Quarterly mailing was a custom SIGG Bottle. In my letter to my subscribers I explained that I am struggling with keeping hydrated when at the studio. In the mornings, I would get in, sit down at my desk and just be swallowed up by the busy-monster and not take time to walk over to the water fountain. I would literally forget to drink water.

I realized that I needed to trick myself by filling up 2 bottles in the morning when I come in and have them sit on my desk, with the goal to empty them by the end of the day. Otherwise I would not drink enough water. After talking to a few of my studiomates I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling with the hydration problem and so I decided to send out a custom Sigg bottle.

I grew up on Sigg bottles, they’re a staple in every Swiss household. They’re designed and manufactured in Switzerland and the SIGG HQs is a 15 minute drive from my hometown. So, I admit, there’s a bit of nostalgia packed into my latest Quarterly. Yay for things that carry from you childhood into grown-up land. In my case, one of them is Sigg.

(The YAY illustration on the bottle is by the wonderfully talented Jen Mussari)

Swiss Alps Panorama Knife

Now here’s a gift for the chef that has it all: Swiss Alps Panorama Knives. From top to bottom: Berner Alps Panorama, Lake of Constance Panorama and soon to be available the Zurich Panorama. Made me smile.

(warning their shop is in German only)

Filo Tape Dispenser

(photo by ECAL- Julien Chavaillaz)

I have no idea if this Filo Scotch Tape Dispenser is at all easy to use, but it sure made me look for it’s minimal aesthetic. It is the brainchild of Swiss designer Marie Schenker.

Fou Lard (Bacon Scarf)

I just nearly fell off my chair. In a package that was just delivered here at my studio, I discovered a Silk Bacon Scarf, named Fou Lard. We just all had a good laugh, but my Studiomates agreed, this is so utterly ridiculous it’s awesome. Fou Lard is a brainchild of Swiss designer Natalie Luder. The scarf is made of 100% silk, digitally printed and hemmed by the artist herself. Available on her site for $170. Bacon lovers unite!

Elsa – The Raclette Machine

Stadler Form released this new Raclette Grill and I am giddy over it. (Melted cheese rules my world!)

How does it work? Put a chunk of Raclette cheese on the tray, melt it, then scrape it on your place. Enjoy with soft boiled potatoes. YES!

FREITAG – Out Of The Bag

FREITAG recently published a new book called Out of the Bag. I got my hands on a copy and if you’re like me, fascinated by the FREITAG story, then you should get yourself a copy. The book looks at how this small, SWISS creative start-up became a large brand with such an incredibly strong identity. FREITAG’s history and processes are explained, commented upon, and presented in often surprising ways.

V71 F-Buch / V72 F-Book from FREITAG lab. ag on Vimeo.

And this is the newest bag I am currently drooling over. #youcanthavetoomanyFRETITAGbags


This modular bunk bed called Kajüttenbett made me look. I love multifunctional kids furniture that can adapt to your changing needs. It’s a design by Swiss Roland Jaggi and available over at Refurnished.ch.

Also, for all you grown-ups that like the idea of a minimal bunk bed, check out this one.

(Thank you Thierry)


FREITAG’s new cyclable handbag F60 JOAN went on vacation in Zurich, Davos, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Amsterdam. Documented in this little gem of a video:

FREITAG – F60 JOAN from FREITAG lab. ag on Vimeo.

F61 Betty

I absolutely love this new FREITAG bag design, called F61 Betty. I am all for shoulder loops! In case you’re not familiar with FREITAG: Their bags are made out of old truck tarp and are pretty much indestructible. And best of all, each bag is unique.

Switzerland does everything for your perfect summer holiday.

This Switzerland commercial made me smile and miss my childhood home.

(Thank you Alex)


SWISSVIEW is my new go-to-iPad-app when I am in desperate need of some major zen. It features more than 1,600 films of spectacular helicopter footage of Switzerland. Every film comes with useful information on the overflown regions and places. Nice.

(thank you Ted)

Peter Megert

Thinkingform posted the above graphic by Swiss designer Peter Megert. I find the three interlocking arrows fascinating.


These breakfast/cutting boards made out of melamine made me look and smile. They are by Anstalt, a Zurich based design studio. Order them here. (site is in German only)

Where I am From…

While browsing the new *fantastic* Flipboard iPhone App I stumbled upon a photo essay on on Appenzell Innerrhoden, the place I grew up in Switzerland. (well, I grew up 20minutes from there, but I consider it my home) It’s one of the most charming, greenest places on earth. If you’re into hiking, this is your place.

Appenzell Innerrhoden is the smallest canton of Switzerland by population and the second smallest by area, Basel-City having less area. Wherever you look you see dairy farms which produce the amazing Appenzeller cheese. Next time you go to a cheese shop, ask them for Appenzeller. It’s a super-yumme hard cheese and comes in all kinds of ‘stinkiness levels’, at least in Switzerland. Here in the US I usually am only able to get one kind.

The images are by Jean-Yves Roure.

Caran D’Ache Red Metal Pen

Oh, the (Swiss) memories that just flashed in front of my eyes upon discovering the Caran D’Ache Red Metal Pen over at Kaufmann Mercantile. Trust me, these pens are a pleasure to write with and last forever, as you can refill them easily. Two swissmiss thumbs up!