swiss made | “lisa” water pitcher

Lisa_1Stadler Form is a swiss design company that designed this beautiful Brita Water Filter Pitcher called ‘Lisa’. (All their products have regular human names, which I love!) It is absolutely beautiful and you would want to definitely leave it out on the table when you have guests…

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  1. Where else can this product be purchased? It is no longer appearing on the Stadler Form website

  2. I actually just bought one of these today after MUCH research to try to find ANY glass water filter/pitcher. Here in the US this can be purchased online from Swizz Style. The direct link is:
    On the website they do say that they are in limited supply so if you want one, hurry!

  3. Excellent, Katie. Thank you.

  4. Looking for the swiss made “lisa” water pitcher. I can’t find it in Swizz-style or on the Stadler Form website. Any ideas where I can find one?