chinese girl invents walking shoes for water.

376912A chinese school girl has created shoes so that she can take a walk on her lake. Her inspiration was ducks. She took four years to develop these shoes.

(via transporttrends)

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  1. That is very cool. I want some.

  2. Although a nicer design, it is not an original idea. Check out, a Jesus boots contest in San Diego. Jesus Boots have been around for a while as my companion pointed out when I showed him the picture in your site.
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  3. Walking on Water

    Tags: design, swissmiss, blogsIf you haven’t visited the design blog swissmiss, it’s full of incredible stuff like this (and one of the most beautifully designed blogs I’ve ever seen, whether you’re a designer or a consumer of design): A chinese

  4. Hi Swiss Miss – quite an interesting blog with ideas that I don’t see to often. I’ll have to stop by more often. :)

  5. Walking across the East River could become the new alternative to the L train

    It seems that a very smart Chinese girl (found via good ole swissmiss) has inventing something that may serve as a terrific alternative to the L train (G_d knows we need it!). For the past four years, she has been