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Fabs is Fab! It’s a new chair/sitting solution for i.e. outdoor events. What a smart product! YAY! Light and easy to carry (like a backpack). This way of sitting will definitely turn heads. I am tempted to get one for the many Central Park events this summer….

Fabs, available at berlingdesign.net

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  1. It looks nifty, but I get the feeling using it would make your legs tired.

  2. Fabs by Formfjord

    I found this really interesting portable chair idea over at swissmiss site. Its a brilliant product!
    ff fabs [formfjord.com]
    Fabs product information (PDF) [formfjord.com]
    via [swissmiss]

  3. Handig meeneem stoeltje

    Ik had een leuk meeneem stoeltje gevonden op de swissmiss site. Of het echt lekker zit vraag ik mee af, maar het idee is zeker goed gevonden.ff fabs [formfjord.com]Fabs product information (PDF) [formfjord.com]via [swissmiss]