fred eerdekens | artist


Could suggest something…, 1999, Copper, light source, 14 x 220 x 18 cm


Neo Deo, 2002, Synthetic material, light projector, Ø 1400 x 400 cm

This is the kind of art that gets me really excited! Check out Fred Eerdekens’s smart and surprising pieces. It reminds me of swiss artist Markus Raetz’s, who’s work I’ve seen years ago in Geneva, Switzerland.

(via bb)

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  1. Excellent tip on Markus Raetz. I hadn’t seen his stuff before…

    BTW – his Binocular View painting made me think of one of Jack Handey’s “Ideas for Paintings.” (It’s been floating around for the past few weeks. Hilarious.)

    “The French Lovers – A French dandy is embracing his beautiful buxom lover in a lush, overgrown garden. This painting should be in the shape of binoculars.”

  2. that’s amazing art, thank you for the pictures and links.