in pursuit of tea

TeaFor U.S. consumers buying good tea is difficult, and great teas are still a rarity. Alexander Scott and Sebastian Beckwith established In pursuit of tea to explore remote areas and supply the finest teas available, some of which seldom leave the country in which they are grown. The art of growing tea has developed over centuries, and as with great wines it has been handed down through generations and varies according to region. Each year, we and our suppliers spend time in each of the finest tea-growing regions in order to understand that year’s tea characteristics and to bring you the best.

In pursuit of tea: Exploring remote regions to supply the finest teas.

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  1. They have a great selection of Pu Ehr tea. Once I started drinking it a few years ago It replaced my coffee drinking and its the only tea I drink. It has alot of health benefits but it is a little pricey.