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To all my readers that are into writing and words:

I’m looking for writer’s blogs, blogs on writing, language and words. Any ideas? If so, please leave the links in a comment to this post or email me directly. Much appreciated!

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  1. i am an old fan of your blog .. it’s full of information (unique information).. i spend hours going through your blog and archives .. I found this great writer related link and was planning to post it on my blog .. but i think it will look better on yours.

    “Life for Change” is like a digg for writers .. you submit a story (that you’ve written) .. if people like it .. it comes on the front page .. and then you also get PAID .. if users vote for your story .. $100.00 is the max you can get paid .. so good incentive for writers. Below is the link

    take care
    nabeel (you’re number one fan)

  2. Did you get my invite to SF tribe “word freaks”
    it is a discussion group about words. Also look at the links on the frames located on the left. These will be word related groups.

    Enjoy, Janine

  3. I’m not a big fan of the word blogs, but here are a few word-y sites that I’ve found helpful at one time or another. Maybe you will, too.

    The Slot – A Spot for Copy Editors

    Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Computer & Internet Terms & Definitions

    Punctuation Made Simple

    Common Errors in English

    The Word Detective

    Word for Word

    Pseudodictionary – the dictionary for words that wouldn’t make it into dictionaries