Anim_galInvented by the man who created Rollerblades, Scott Olson, the Rowbike is a rowing machine with wheels. According to the Rowbike site it burns approximately 50% more calories than ordinary biking and twice the cardiovascular benefits. The Rowbike comes in 5 different versions. One of the versions, the 420 crewzer, is a 4 wheeled model perfect for those who still have training wheels on their bikes. Price:$599-$1999

Watch the videos to see how it works.

(via ueberreview)

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  1. Heres a real row/bike towing the rowing shell to the lake…

  2. wow, coool!!

  3. As far as I know the first rowing bike was created by “Thys” from the Netherlands and they are used in recumbent bicycle competitions all over the world. They even have a rowing tandem. check it out on