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Oh my, G, you’ll love this: Ohso, Travel Toothbrush: Vacuum pressure sucks toothpaste from your home tube into a streamlined container; the brush caps like a pen. Brilliant!

Ohso Travel Brush

(featured in real simple magazine)

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  1. The funniest thing about this? It’s the ONLY nicely-designed travel toothbrush on the market right now. I was looking for a nice one about a month ago, and this is IT. The only one on the market. I didn’t buy it because (sorry about this) to me it reminds me of… well… a self-pleasure mechanism for girls. I’m hoping they expand their line soon. I’d really like a travel toothbrush that’s not neon plastic…

  2. I brought this. The toothpaste chamber holds too litle paste. Less than half of one of those tiny tubes. Although it comes with an adapter, the screw doesn’t fit the screw head of typical U.S. toothpase tube. So too much fumbling required. It looks like you’re carrying a dildo. Doesn’t come with different toothbrush firmness types, too soft. Not good purchase.

  3. And another thing, the brush shank is too short so you pretty much have to feign fellatio in order to get the job done. This is a pretty piss poor design I’d say.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. OHSO is the first concept model of our travel toothbrush line. It was intended to be functional for travel and visually striking. It is a pocket toothbrush so its smaller and we had to make some design tradeoffs.

    The Divo model is slated for late summer. It addresses some of your concerns that you were nice enough to share. It holds more paste, has a longer bristle head, and is shaped differently. Marko is definitely a grownup toothbrush. Look for the colorful Presto model toward the end of the year for a more kid friendly look. The OHSO Marko may look risqué, but it is definitely cooler than using a zip-lock bag.

    -Richard B. Trocino