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Dropps2Dropps (Dissolvable, Ready-to-use, Organic, Premeasured Packets). Each dropp contains enough concentrated detergent to gently clean an entire load of even heavily soiled laundry. The pouch dissolves completely in the washer releasing that great cleaning power.

I likey!

(As seen in Real Simple Magazine)

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  1. dropps is one of my favorite household products out there. dropps just came out with a new package that is much sleaker and better for the environment. The package is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again. Plus, dropps has made doing laundry really easy and it gets my clothes super clean!

  2. I have 6 kids and two set of washers and I use dropps for my 20-25 loads a week. I am so happy that I can buy dropps at Wal-Mart and Whole Foods. In addition to cleaning so well and making my clothes smell fresh they are so eash to use and are good for the environment. There are not trade-offs with this product

  3. I am perplexed, as I did not post this comment. Is there another Cheryl Brida?