the big day.


My apologies but there won’t be any posts for a few days.
Why? Uhm… I am off to having a baby girl today…
(Ha, that does sound strange, doesn’t it?)


In the meantime, check these fabulous blogs for endless hours of surfing pleasure:


chris glass


not cot

design observer


i like


(picture (rights) above by jonas and thilo hoffmann)

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  1. COngrats!!! I’ll keep good thoughts for you and the little one.

  2. Good luck! All the best for you and the baby (i will miss your posts).

  3. Congratulations!
    Hope all goes well and (relatively) easily… good luck!

  4. Herzliche Gratulation und viel, viel Glück mit dem kleinen Engel! Hoffe wir sehen bald einpaar Fotos! Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz!

  5. Congratulations from Spain!!!

    Enjoy. It’s a marvellous experience.

  6. Congrats Tina and Gary, I can’t wait to see the pics!

  7. I’m really, really gonna miss your posts. But hey, anything for a good cause!
    Good luck with your babygirl, I hope everything will go smoothly. With a mum like you she should be nicely designed…
    Hope you’re not really going to name her Peanutella ;-)

  8. I’m gonna miss your posts too, always with something new, sharp, fast and entertained.

    Congrat and good luck!

  9. Mazel tov! She’s already one lucky kid!

  10. Good luck Tina!

  11. Guten Rutsch!

  12. Good luck! Nothing better than being a mom… not even great typography! You’ll be missed!

  13. congratulations swiss miss!

  14. Congratulations!

  15. sending good thoughts from Stockholm!

  16. Happy Days to You and Yours

  17. CONGRATULATIONS on being a MOM!!!! That post just made my day, its so nice to hear good news like that =)

    [and thanks for suggesting notcot as something to go read today!]

  18. Congratulations! I will miss checking out your posts in your absence. God Bless.

  19. I just want this on record:
    The suspense is killing me…

  20. breathe, breathe, breathe…
    take your time mama

  21. Congratulations and good luck! I really enjoy reading your blog and I wish you and your family all the best.

  22. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. congrats, tina! all the best.

  24. superhuge big congrats on peanutella’s grand entrance and your very first mother’s day!

  25. huge congrats to the swissmiss-mum of ella joy! (quel beau nom!)

  26. “the babe knew that it wouldn’t be long now, and the moon shone a little brighter, for although many people think that the moon gets its light from reflection, it is love which is the source of all light. And the baby laughed.” – Sherril Jaffe (The Baby Laughs)

    Welcome to the world, baby girl!

    Welcome to mamahood, Swiss Miss!

  27. congrats to your new family!

  28. best wishes and thank you for all your wonderful posts that i love :)

  29. I read that the peanut has arrived!

    Huge congratulations from Sweden!

  30. Congratulations from Scotland!
    Hope the wee one’s lovely!

  31. Big congrats from Colorado, USA! Waiting for the pictures!

  32. Great news and good luck!

    Don’t forget about your other baby though (Your blog that is)

  33. congratulations! peanutella welcome to the world!

  34. YEA for you! I can’t wait to see pics. Hope all goes well.

  35. Congratulations!!!! Hope all went well!!! Welcome to your precious baby girl.

  36. ok…baby’s here…let’s start posting now…no excuses…

  37. Wonderful!! Congratulations!!!!!

  38. I hear congrats are in order. Looking forward to the first pix.

  39. Toutes mes félicitations ;)

  40. she is here????? xo!! mav

  41. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
    And welcooooome to your little babygirl!!!!!!!

  42. Ok…”a few days” = 2 or 3, tops….wo sind die Posts??? Wir haben Entzugserscheinungen!

  43. Congratulations, and good luck!

  44. congratulations on the peanut! ;-)

  45. awwwwwwwwwww .. congratulations and God bless your family .. did u choose a name yet?

  46. congratulations! great adventure : )

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