comcast employee sleeping on the job…

And the benedikt!)

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  1. comcast fired the guy.

    filming him was really passive agressive.

  2. Was it just to do this and have this employee singled out and fired? Wasn’t the company in general unresponsive?

  3. Miguel is right. If I was on duty and fell asleep while waiting for support from my company, I’d feel they’d let me down badly.

    This makes Comcast look not only incompetent to its customers, but also (probably worse) a very poor employer.

  4. For it’s defense, Comcast issued a statement saying: “each year, it interacted with customers more than 225 million times, taking more than 200 million phone calls and sending out trucks 25 million times.”

    Clearly, the number of interaction is not proof of efficiency and dedication to service, especially when this company deals with more than 21 million customers (see statement with reuters) who obviously “interact” due to unsatisfacotry issues. Divide 200 million by 21 million, and you will get an idea of redundancy in failure.

    Furthermore, firing this particular employee does not address the entirety of the problem which this protest represents. They go to the extent of botching up their response to this PR scandal, by incriminating themselves with their own un-thought-of-defense.

    Mr. Finkelstein can actually sue Comcast for tresspassing outside of operational jurisdiction, as one of its employee is clearly featured occupying his sofa for an excessive amount of time, for his own personal convenient while he acted as a Comcast representative – and the sofa, being Mr. F’s personal property, has definetly nothing to do with the service he demanded and requested.

  5. This has a good thread about the horrors of dealing with comcast cable.

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