swissmiss cabrio!


Sad but true: A convertible and a baby are a very unpractical combo. So, here I go, with a heavy heart, I am selling my beloved Volkswagen Cabrio. It got *a lot* of TLC from me and I am looking for a loving new home. (enter sigh here)

Email me if you’re interested and think you qualify as a loving new “parent”! :)

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  1. are those, like, 8″ rims? haha!

  2. Oh, I am so sad for you. We have gone through two Jettas and a Beetle, the Beetle getting killed off when we had our son, Noah, who is about to be three. When we were selling it, my wife kept pushing for a Cabrio (“So we can have another fun car!”) but that whole ‘not-too-practical’ argument won out.

    …but, hmmmm, maybe it’s time to start looking for one, now that he’s older.

  3. so hold on, we’re both from switzerland, living in nyc (well me not anymore, i’m upstate now) AND WE HAVE ALMOST THE SAME CAR? (mine’s a 1999 dark green vw cabrio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) too weird…