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I don’t think there’s a bigger fan of Elsa Peretti’s creations than me. Really.


UPDATE: one of my blog readers just emailed me with the following question:

Swissmiss, Because you are such a fan, I am wondering if you have any ideas about where to look for a vintage Elsa Peretti mini open heart pendant necklace. They were for sale in the 80’s and are not carried at Tiffany anymore. I can only find the medium sized one on ebay. My sister and I had matching necklaces that we never removed for 20 years until her chain broke and the heart got lost. I am trying to replace it for her. Thank you.

Can anyone help? If so, email me and I’ll connect the two of you. Thanks!

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  1. Well, if you’re such a great fan of Elsa Peretti, you should join
    “Elsa Peretti Design Philosophy” group on facebook and be a follower of her blog and YT channel too!!