french heart-shaped sugar


This is what I call pure luxury: Delicate molded hearts are notched to hang elegantly from the side of coffee and tea cups. Includes white, amber and ebony cane-sugar hearts. Product of France. 9-oz. total weight. Sur La Table :: Sucres Accroche-Coeur

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  1. hi there..I loved your heart-shaped sugar… how can I place an order?Do you delever to Kuwait? Do you have more strange shapes?

  2. hihihi my friend..
    its really very nice things u have..
    how shall i do an order to my country..
    pls contact me as soon as possible and looking forward to ur reply


  3. I would love to buy somne of these for a wedding shower I am having. Where and how can I purchase these.

  4. i would love to buy some of these for my daughters wedding. How do i go about purchasing some

  5. I would love to order these for my daughter’s wedding. Sur la Table no longer has them. Can I order them from you?

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  7. can i order these? i am locted in australia

  8. Go to there is a shop on there called Sugar Sugar, check them out they’re great!