small desk


I’ve been looking for a small desk for a really long time now. I currently have this one, which I love, available at west elm. But I was in need of an even smaller one, as I have to move my desk into our bedroom. (Ella, our four month old daughter is claiming our second bedroom). (Bye bye office!) Thanks to BBlinks I found the perfect little desk at It’s called “Study Desk” and it’s currently on sale (76% off!!). It’s a little beauty. Very slick. Very simple. So happy. Thanks BB!

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  1. Does it look as good in person as it does in the photo?

  2. Does that bar at the bottom get in the way when you are sitting?

  3. I love the desk in the picture and it would be perfect for my apartment but it is no longer available. Do you know where else I would find something as small? Also, i’m on a tight budget, so something cheap would be good too. Thx!