Cylinder Floor Lamp

Hello there you beautiful, Danish Cylinder Floor Lamp.

Sideboard Forest

This sideboard! Be still my heart!

Tam Tam Pop Stool

Oh, the memories. We had one of these Tam Tam Pop Stools in our bathroom growing up. I loved rolling around with it on the floor as a kid. And loved taking the lid off. So happy to see they still exist. Tempted to get one, for memory sake.

Hoek Furniture

Absolutely loving this modern, stustainable, click together, flat pack furniture called Hoek. Brooklyn made. YES!

Georg Console Table

Can we talk about this beauty of a console desk? I keep coming back to it. Swooning. Wishlisted!

Hay Office Chair

I love this office chair by Hay.

Please Be My Desk

This aesthetic! Gah! Georg stool and desk, please be mine!

Modular Cat Tree

Catssup turns your existing shelf into a cat tree! Brilliant!

Basis Workstation Desk

Gah! This workstation desk by viaduct is beautiful. Makes me want to redecorate my office.

Spoko Meditation Stool

I recently bought this Meditation Stool by Spoko which allows me to meditate on the floor now, and no longer on my couch or on a chair. I am tall and inflexible and I am super uncomfortable sitting on the floor when meditating. This stool is not only comfortable but also beautiful. Super happy about this purchase.


I would love to give this classic canvas camp cot a home. What a beauty!

The Utility Step Stool

This utility stool won my heart. Also comes in a taller size.

Container Unit VO

This airline container would make a cool nightstand.

Window Mounted Standing Desk

You better have some legit solid windows to attach this window mounted standing desk onto.

Tik Tak Table

What a beauty of a wooden table. Designed by Switzerland based Ueli Frischknecht.

(Thank you Notta)

Wall Shelf/Desk

It’s a shelf. It’s a mini desk. It’s a Wall Shelf/Desk.

Black Square Trunk

This black trunk would make for a cool nightstand or use two next to each other for a coffee table.

Ypperlig Bench

This minimal IKEA bench is lovely.

Concrete Furniture

Neal Aronowitz’s Concrete Canvas Collection takes my breath away.

Gold File Cabinet

Whoa! This gold file cabinet is something else.

Floyd Bed

I love everything about this bed: Modular. Minimal. Beautiful. I want a Floyd!

(I wrote about their table in 2014)

Hockerbank Schemel

I want to own you, Hockerbank Schemel.

Tritthocker Mono

Mono is a stepstool and a stool. I would adopt him.

(I wish Magazin was in the US)

Wooden Bed House

Totally enamored with this wooden house bed. This one is in kids size but I want one for my bedroom…