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While traveling through Europe, I fell in love witha danish crib/toddler bed called Leander. I pretty much spent an entire day driving my husband and my friends V and J crazy, trying to figure out how we could get this beauty of a crib to NYC. I seriously considered schlepping it with us on the plane. You have to understand, I have researched baby beds/cribs for the past 6 months. (Yes, I admit it, little miss Ella is still sleeping in her moses basket.) G and I just couldn’t find a crib that made our heart jump. (Yes, I am very picky!) But the Leander bed got the “THIS-IS-IT-reaction” out of me. It’s the brainchild of Stig Leander Nielsen, who lives near Silkeborg in Denmark. Besides just being plain beautiful, it also is unbelievably versatile. It grows with your childs needs. It starts out as a crib, which then converts to a toddler bed which grows with your child. So smart!

I just got off the phone with a lovely lady over at Leander and she confirmed again, what I already was told, but just didn’t want to believe: They can not sell to the US and Canadian market yet. As their product has yet to be approved. My heart is bleeding. I REALLY want this bed for our little offspring.

Before I had Ella I would dream of handbags and shoes, now, it’s products like the Leander Bed.

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  1. That is *gorgeous* and ever so practical! I love your sense of design … it’s rare that people demand beauty as well as functionality.

  2. Argh! We’re in the market for a toddler bed right now, and I LOVE this one! Now I’m ruined for anything else.

  3. Oh my, that is GORGEOUS. I hope it will be approved for the US market soon so you can get poor Ella out of the basket.

    Maybe you’ll just have to fly back and find a way to smuggle it onto to the plane with you back to NY. After all, it isn’t a liquid or gel…

  4. Welcome back! I love this. We have the Stokke crib, which also expands to a toddler bed, but it is not w/out its flaws (like chubby baby legs getting stuck betweeen the rails). I really need to make some bumpers.

  5. Beautiful!
    I’m sure there’s nothing to prevent you from shipping it to the US…Just buy it and ship it!

  6. welcome home swissmissfamily!

  7. stokke.

    this cot has similar rails, so simiar issue.

  8. Welcome.

  9. You definitely need a “danish” category now with this and the Jacob Jensen doorbell. And we have more to offer: This http://www.royalcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/webapp/products?show=2159&product=27737 and this http://www.royalcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/webapp/products?show=2172# is totally you.

  10. We just bought the Leanderbed (we live in Sydney). It is fantastic. Looks great, easy to put together, and excellent craftsmanship.

    SO much better that the alternatives.

  11. we just got a leander as well! melbourne, australia and i is the best thing – now we need to wait the remaining 4 months until our princess arrives!

  12. I just found online store who sells this.
    http://www.kidostore.com – it’s in US…
    but it’s expensive… check it out!
    good luck!

  13. Hi,
    Danish girl here, living in the US. Loved the design so much…am getting two next year, but only because I am moving home – however, what you could do is buy the bed, drive it to Germany, and ship it from there. Don’t laugh! I did it with 6 “ant ” chairs…
    Good luck!

  14. You can now buy this beauty in the USA.

    The store that sell it is based in Santa Barbara, CA.

    Here’s the website: http://www.monpetitbijou.com

    They do not have it pictured on the website, but you can call them to order one.

  15. Hi,
    I’m from Europe and can help with Leander bed at much better price. Shipping from Europe with EMS courier. Let me know if interested. [email protected] Norman

  16. is this beautiful designing piece available in Asia?

  17. This is what I am looking for… I love it… possible for me to have it? I am from Malaysia.

  18. is baby bed i like you sent to me please my No is this 9986200