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Aa_1Have kids? Want a unique christmas card this year? Go and check out

‘Elizabeth is a professional graphic designer who has done cool holiday cards for friends for years and decided to take it national. For the site, she’s designed over 25 custom templates, then made a special color palette where you can choose what combinations you want to use (over 144 possible combos), upload a photo and customize a message and you’re done. Clever message ideas too, like a q&a-style that is a modern twist on the old-school ‘family Christmas letter.’

I love the idea. I am not too crazy about some of the designs, but that’s just the v-e-r-y picky designer in me. I do like this simple card though.

Thank you Kelly!

(Yes, I said the word Christmas, and yes, it’s only October. We swiss, we

plan ahead.)

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  1. Ha! I was just looking at photo Christmas cards, too. Now I don’t feel like such a TOTAL Type A freak.

  2. heads up to the swissmiss readers – wanted
    you to know that we’ve included free return envelope printing and free ground shipping with the price of the card through the holidays. also dropped the price on the swissmiss fav card. thanks for checking us out.