moo cards


YAY! My Flickr Moo Cards have just arrived. They look (and feel) f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! 

How much you’re asking? $20 for a box of a 100!
Isn’t that amazing?

I raise my cup of tea to the Moo Crew!

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  1. I just got mine too a few days ago, and LOVE them.

  2. nice! what would you do with them tho?

  3. I just got mine too- they are so funky!

  4. I love the cards, but what impressed me the most was the experience. Easy and fun. And the Little Moo reminders and announcement that the cards were in the mail killed me. Then the pre-filled out return form and no questions asked return policy. And the copy regarding their concern for the environment. All said, they have thought of everything.

  5. How is the print quality? I see that your flickr photos are quite small, so I was wondering.
    Also, is the paper thick?