TED talks


Oh my god, I won’t be able to get any work done today: TED talks online. Each week they’ll release a new talk, in audio, and video, to download or watch online. For best effect, plan to listen to at least three, start to finish. They have a cumulative effect…

Malcolm Gladwell

Ze Frank

Ross Lovegrove

Joshua Prince-Ramus

David Pogue

Hans Rosling

And so many more I want to see. Oh my, I could just spend my whole day watching these….

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  1. I love watching the TED speakers. You can subscribe to the podcast on itunes. My favorite so far is Malcolm Gladwell.

  2. what a coincidence!
    i searched for ross lovegrove yesterday +
    found that ted talks + i was just in the bathtub thinking, i should go back to that site + see what other designers they have!