for my readers in munich


You live in munich? Then don’t miss out on the “Weibergschichtn – Bloglesung” on Sunday November 11th! My fabulous friend Martina Kink will be reading one of her stories. You must go! And as Martina puts it herself: Wir sind vielleicht nicht spannend wie ein Krimi, aber wir haben die Haare schön.

(flyer design & photo by yours truly)

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  1. Thanks a lot for the flyer. Great work!

  2. super, werd ich in jedem fall mal nach muenchen weitergeben, danke:)

  3. …I’m not sure but could it be that the date is Sunday 19th of November (and not 11th of Nov.)?

  4. Tobi, it’s November 19, and it’s a sunday. You’re right. Do come.