GR8 TaT2 Maker


I can’t believe this is real: Tatoo Maker for Kids

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  1. Ms. Eisenberg,

    All the posts above this one aren’t *clickable.*

    ?!?!? Is it just me?

    Very Respectfully,

  2. notice the types of kids that are using the product. longer hair, backwards camo hat, skater, slightly white trashy. curious. do they have a photo of a girl giving her friend a tat on the small of her back?

    btw: love your blog. lots of good tidbits :)

  3. As a parent, this product really scares me.

    But I’m not sure why because so many of my friends and family members have tattoos.

  4. Bonjour, où est-il possible de se procurer ce produit en France ou se le faire expédier en France depuis l’étranger ?

    D’avance merci de votre aide.

  5. i think all of you people are small minded meaningless snakes ! as a tattoo artist i can confidently say you people have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Where did you come to the conclusion that tattoo artists have to be white trash ? i come from a wholesome italian family, my father makes 6 figures a year, we volunteer at our church, serve at soup kitchens during holidays, i even donate 20% of all my earnings to charity. Until all of you educated non-white trash individuals open your eyes and welcome yourselves to the world, stop talking down on tattoo artists until you know all the facts behind it..tattooing is a means of expression through art..just the same as some may paint a portrait, i would draw a portrait….just on someone’s skin permanently apposed to on a canvas. tattooing is an art form that anyone in the industry takes very seriously and puts everything they have into. tattoo artists aren’t bad people..those who badmouth others are the bad ones !

  6. i linked here from a page that says, whats next my little meth lab….i actually was white trash, i also have a deviated iq of 165 and i aspired to be a tattoo artist since oh i dont know i think i was about 9, just like the rest of my white trash family, my uncle, aunt, brother, and cousin all tattoo and so do i, i was on a scholarship to purdue university for psychology and after learning that it was all subjective bullshit…i dropped out like typical white trash, and followed after my passion of art, and well since you cant eat or pay the bills through conventional ways of art and tattoos are way cooler…i went the obvious route, i had already been tattooing part time to pay the bills for years but when i started doing it full swing i gained a new sense of pride with helping people to put a great piece of art on there body. judges, doctors, police officers, lawyers, little old ladys, brothers mothers, and friends…tattoos mean alot to the people who get them in remembrance of lost loved ones, to give them an ego boost, or a shot of confidence, or self esteem, and by the way my white trash self makes over a quarter million a yr doin a job i love to do can you say that about your job, just because youre afraid to get a tattoo doesnt mean you have to belittle the people who aren’t, the industry i love and work in, or the people like myself that work hard and take pride in what they do…so to you lame conformist pussys that want to look down on our tribe….well our tribe could wipe yours out and take everything from you in the blink of an eye, theres more of us and were stronger, did you know that 80% of people between 18 and 30 have a tattoo somewhere on there body? and did you know that i spent way to much time on here justifying myself to people whos opinion doesnt even matter to me? i just i can help to open someones eyes to the bullshit that society slings at good people like half inbred monkeys at the zoo over a choice to that those good people make to be individualized and express themselves to other good people like themselves…shame on you inbred monkeys for calling me white trash, my you get such a horrible case of white trash herpes that it kills you